Bronze Casting Medals and custom navy awards

Bronze Casting Medals And Trophies

Apart from stamping bronze, we have been creating and manufacturing customized bronze casting medals and trophies for several decades.

Bronze foundry medals are usually of a larger size than stamped medals: their size ranges from 8cm (3.1″) to 1 meter (39.4″) for some larger plaques.

The process is quite manual and therefore the economy of scale is not significant: a creation for a large piece like a plaque can be done for a single unit .

Because of their significant size, their weight and their beautiful and long-lasting shine, bronze casting medals are highly appreciated as top-notch and high-ranking awards.

Bronze Casting – Manufacturing Process

Step 1 – Model making
Once the artwork has been agreed on, our engraver creates a simple relief (2D) or sculptured relief (3D) resin model.

Step 2 – Sand mould
The model is used for making a sand mould (compressed sand with binder agents) into which the melted bronze is poured.

Step 3 – Casting
When the metal has cooled down, the sand mould is hammered off to reveal the casting. The next step is to grind off the channels and to flash around the edges. Sand blasting reveals the bright bare bronze.

Step 4 – Finishing
The bronze is then polished several times with some patina to bring out the contours of the sculpture. Finally, some varnish is carefully sprayed in order to preserve the brightness of the polished bronze.

Manufacturing Delays

This manufacturing process is mostly hand-made, therefore delays are usually longer for bronze casting creations:

  • 10 weeks for a sculptured relief (3D) piece.
  • 8 weeks for a simple relief piece.

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