Creation of a Customized Award

Creation of a Customized Award

The process of creating a customized award, whether it is a medal, a trophy, an insignia, or a smaller medal for a customized gift, consists of three steps:

Then, it is up to you to confirm the order.


For example, if you want to create  customized military awards, there are different possibilities that you want to consider :

1°/ Creating a medal –

As customized military awards, medals are offered in many occasions – commemorating a special event, honoring individuals or reinforcing shared values within an organization.

Their size ranges between 50mm (2″) and 90mm (3,5″). Frequently customized military medals have a round shape but they can be rectangular or squared.

Their relief is simple (2D) to show a logo or engraved (3D) to show a building, the volume of an object, a shield.

The metal finishing can be gold, antic silver or antic bronze. On some customized military awards, there are some touches of color or some high polished details.

There are many ways to present beautiful medals used as customized military awards : a nice packaging such as a jewelry box, a designed display support or it could be attached to a useful item such as a magnifier or a paperweight.

2°/ Creating an insignia –

As customized military awards, custom insignias are frequently created to celebrate special operations abroad, the graduation of a class of military students, national events such as the  independence day or the shared values within a military organization.

Depending on their shape, their complexity, the expected quantity and the budget, we will propose to you the most suitable material and process for the creation of your customized military awards.

3°/ Creating a trophy-

This is the third option if you want to create customized military awards.

You may choose between several forms of bronze casting pieces : a “Tape de Bouche” showing your symbol on a circular wooden base and more generally a bronze casting large medal on a wooden base , or a customized bronze casting trophy that will be kept for ever because it is an exceptional award.