Personalised award medals

What to Show on Your Award

Whether you have a few ideas about what your creation should look like, or a precise artwork you have been thinking about for a long time, our design department will help you define precisely the artwork for your project and how it should be transposed to the metal.

During our first contact, we recommend you to e-mail to us the different visual elements and messages that you want to convey on your creation. We will then come back to you with a detailed proposal that we will discuss together.

Visual elements might be:

  • A logo or a shield with or without colours;
  • A building, a monument , part of a monument, an object;
  • A landscape, although it has to show distinctive details so that it can be identified;
  • A portrait or some characters that can be made with different technics: sculptured relief or intaglio;
  • The key text that you want to see on your award.

In choosing the elements that you want to show, do not forget that stamping a medal is not the same as taking a picture: a portrait or a landscape might come out significantly different from what you expect. So we advise you to rely on our long experience in making medals when defining your artwork.

Many of our medals combine different elements on their faces. In order to keep some legibility and to achieve compositional harmony, there should not be more than three different visual elements present. We do our best to make a coherent composition but in order to accomplish that, the elements should not be heterogeneous to the point of not making a nice looking aggregate.