Make your own medal

Which Award

During our first contact, please let us know how many pieces you will need for your event and what your expected budget per piece is.

It will allow us to correctly fit our proposal to your project.


Trophies are preferred:

  • When the number of recipients is quite limited.
  • When there is an official handover ceremony.
  • If the budget per piece is at least 30/35€.

For bronze casted trophies, the minimum budget is about 70€ per piece and their lead time is 8 to 10 weeks.


Medals are offered in many circumstances:

  • sports competitions,
  • long standing service employee awards,
  • outstanding community members’ recognitions,
  • inaugurations, commemorations, etc…

Their size commonly ranges between 50mm (2″) and 90mm (3.5″).

They can be attached to a ribbon for sports competitors, presented in a jewellery box for VIPs or be attached to a paperweight if a “useful” award is preferred over a “standing” award.


Insignias and pins

Insignias and pins are distributed among the members of an organization as a token of recognition.

Coins and Smaller Medals

As far as coins and smaller medals for customized gifts are concerned, they are created to fit very different needs :

    • “Souvenir gifts” for a special event such as a wedding, an inauguration, a competition, etc.;
    • Premium items for a new product launch;
    • A range of customized gifts offered for sale by an association.