Approving the artwork

Approving the Artwork

Artwork Signature

If you agree with our proposal , we will prepare the project artwork. Depending on the complexity of your project and our workload at the moment, it might take a few days of work before you receive it by e-mail.

If the artwork meets your expectations, then you are ready to approve it together with our budget and to send it back to us with your signature .

Before doing so, please make sure that you have checked all the details and the text since, upon approval of the artwork, it cannot be corrected. The first step in the production process consists in making the stamping die – a piece of engraved steel- which cannot be modified thereafter.

If the artwork has some details that you want to change, please let us know. We will adjust it according to your indications and send you a modified artwork for approval.

The approved artwork is the basis of the contract: it shows exactly the medal that you purchased from us and the medal that we agreed to manufacture for you.


Every now and then – usually in large orders – some clients request a prototype before confirming mass production. In this case, there are two important aspects to keep in mind:

  • Making a prototype increases the lead time by at least 3 weeks .
  • To make a prototype, the stamping tools to be used have to be created and they cannot be modified afterwards .

So the client already bears the cost of the stamping tools on the prototype cost. If the client wants to slightly modify the artwork after he has seen the prototype, the tools need to be redone entirely to apply the changes and the tooling costs are charged a second time.