Engraved bookmarks


Every single day, your engraved bookmark will catch your eye because it marks a new page in your diary or in the book that you are reading. You will then remember of the day when you received it, of the circumstances, the people and the organization at the origin of the gift.

The bookmark is engraved in recessed relief on a thin sheet of brass. It is silver plated with dark patina underlining the recessed level or gold plated.

It can be round (40mm/1.6″ diameter) or rectangular (40x36mm /1.6″x1.4″). It comes in a dedicated blue cover.

Given its low price, this engraved bookmark can be widely offered as an excellent small gift.

The engraved bookmark can be awarded for a wide range of events :

  • commemorating an anniversary, an inauguration, an international meeting,etc.
  • Honoring individuals such as students , citizens etc.
  • Reinforcing the community spirit within a city, a company, an association etc.

Round Design with
Antique Silver Plating

Round Design with
Gold Plating

Square Design with
Antique Silver Plating