Custom Bronze Coins

Coins are smaller round medals with a diameter ranging between 30mm and 50mm (1.2″ and 2″).

Given their smaller size and lower unit price, custom bronze coins are more widely distributed than larger pieces.


  • Custom bronze coins frequently have two sides, with logos and text on both of them.
  • Their relief can be simple (2D) or sculptured (3D).
  • Their plating options are quite large (gold, nickel, bronze, black nickel, antique silver, 2 tones – gold and nickel, etc.)
  • Their face or their back can be coloured.
  • The minimum order for a custom bronze coins creation is 50 pieces to create a coin.


Custom bronze coins come in acrylic bags, acrylic boxes, velvet pouches or plastics boxes.

  • 1 – Transparent acrylic box.
  • 2 – Blue velvet pouch.
  • 3 – Blue plastics jewelery box.

Reduction of a Large Medal

For clients who have already created a large stamped round medal (73mm / 2.9″ diameter or more), the reduction of their piece to a smaller diameter – usually 50 or 35mm / 2″ or 1.4″ – can be achieved at an attractive low tooling cost.

This is accomplished by using a machine called “Tour à réduire” (reducing lathe) which automatically copies and reduces the stamping die of their large medal to a smaller size.

Customized Gifts with Coins

35mm diameter coins (or medals), our standard size for customizing a wide range of key chains and gifts, deserve a special consideration. The different possibilities are presented both in the “Key Chains & Purse Hangers” and the “Customized Gifts” sections of this website.

The minimum 100-piece order for those medals can be split among the different customized gifts and key chains available.