Custom medal keychain

Key Chains

Among the custom gifts frequently offered, a beautiful key chain is a safe bet given its resistance, daily usefulness and elegance.

We offer a few models of key chains which are customized with a 35mm (1.4″) diameter stamped medal/coin .

But by creating a dedicated tool, key chains, with one or two sides, can be given all kinds of shapes and frames .

FIA - Keychains - Stamped Coin Design (Face & Back)

Stamped Coin Design

FIA - Keychains - Round Shell Design (Face & Back)

Round Shell Design

FIA - Keychains - Silvery Drop Design (Face & Back)

Silvery Drop Design

FIA - Keychains - Other Examples

Other Examples

When defining a key chain project, you will have to choose between different fittings .

Simple Joint Ring Fitting.

Double Joint Ring Fitting.

Swivel Joint Ring Fitting.

Swivel Joint Drop Fitting.

Purse Hangers

How useful is a purse hanger when you have dinner at a nice terrace but nowhere to hang your purse? Hanged below your table, your bag will be safe and clean.

Purse hangers are customized with a 35mm (1.4″) diameter medal/coin and come in a nice black velvet pouch.

The purse hanger are customized
with a 35mm (1.4″) coin.

The packaging of the purse hanger
is a black velvet pouch.

FIA - Customized Gifts - Purse Hangers - Example