Depending upon the use of the medal, some attachments can be necessary.

Medals with ribbons

There are different ways of fixing a ribbon on a medal:

  • With a ball and ring attachment which is welded to the edge of the medal.
  • With a loop which is stamped together with the medal.

73mm (2.9″) Medal with a Ball&Ring Attachment and a Customized Ribbon.

35mm (1.4″) Medal with a Ball&Ring Attachment and an Insignia Ribbon.

73mm (2.9″) Medal with a Stamped Loop Attachment and a Tricolored Ribbon.

Car Emblems

01631 - Car-Emblem-Fixed-on-a-Radiator-Grill

Here, again, there are different possibilities to fix an emblem on a car:

  • With one or two “patins filetés” on the back of the medals to fix long screws.
  • With two cut outs on each side of the medal, which allow the screws to go through.

90mm (3.5″) Car Emblem (Backside) with 2 “Patins Filetés”.

70mm (2.8″) Car Emblem with 2 Cut Outs.

Screws and Fixation Plate for Car Emblems.

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