Artwork creation for medals

Artwork Creation

It is the first step of every customized creation project.

Customers send the various graphic elements that they want to see on the final artwork (pictures, sketches) to our sales department.

Then a model maker draws an artwork proposal by adapting these elements and taking the specific constraints of our profession into account.

This artwork, which should be very close to the intended item, is submitted to the customer’s approval. After potential modifications, the final artwork is countersigned by the customer as proof of his “approval for production” and FIA commits to respect it.

In our profession, the creation of the dies is expensive and they cannot be easily modified, so the artwork creation is a crucial step in our commercial relationship.

FIA - Hand Drawing for Specific Projects

Hand drawing for specific projects and details.

FIA - Digital Drawing To Create Perfect Artworks

Digital drawing to create your perfect artwork, very close to the end result.

FIA - Digital Artwork on the left and end result on the right

Example: the digital artwork on the left and the resulting stamped coin on the right.