Dies Engraving

Dies Engraving

The dies are made in our engraving workshop: steel dies for stamped brass medals, injection moulds for zinc alloy badges and resin moulds for foundry bronze trophies.

In this workshop, we implement different metal processing methods according to the artwork to be created. Elements in simple flat reliefs (text and logos, for example) are machined on a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine. Sculpted 3D reliefs require the creation of a bigger model sculpture which is then reproduced in steel. As for recessed and cambered reliefs, the die necessitates electrospark machining.

But whichever the die, the finishing is always hand-made, very often under binocular microscope in order to improve the slightest details and to give the motif all its accuracy, its sharpness and its subtlety.

Dies engraving is a key activity in FIA’s profession.

FIA - Pantograph Engraving From A Plaster Model

Pantograph engraving from a plaster model into the metal die for reinforced 3D reliefs.

FIA - CNC Engraving

CNC engraving for optimized simple reliefs.

FIA - Hand-Made Engraving For Dies Finishing

Hand-made details engraving for sharp and accurate dies finishing.