Enamelling and Polishing

Enamelling and polishing

Some creations require colouring to emphasize their design: the application of colours is a precise operation also done by hand and on each piece individually. There are two main processes:

  • Hard enamel, prepared with mineral powders applied with a brush and cured at about 800°C (1472°F).
  • Synthetic (soft) enamel, applied with a syringe on the different divided areas.

Accuracy and speed, two crucial skills required for this specific step of our process, can only be acquired through much experience.

Some details on the medal can also be highlighted with a shining polish. In this workshop, pieces are polished one by one until their details shine perfectly. The touches of colours can also be polished to erase the “basin” effect.

FIA - Enamelling or Colours Application

Enamelling operation: delicate hand-made colours application.

FIA - Hand-Made Metal And Enamel Colours Polishing

Hand-made metal and enamel colours polishing to add high polished details or flatten the colours.

FIA - Hand-Made Engraving For Dies Finishing

Bronze trophies after polishing operations.